Kalliah & BlackWater is a four piece variety band based out of Minneapolis Minnesota. With a broad range of influences and musical tastes, these seasoned professionals pack a big sound with a high-energy, interactive show. Frontwoman and power singer Kalliah Jackson brings to the table the ability to go from Celine Dion to Janis Joplin to you name it, she can sing anything and presents it all with a rocking spirit and personality. Guitar player extraordinaire and singer Corey Rae White is known for his ability to almost become Johnny Cash and Elvis and is constantly trying to get everyone to play country music, which never hurts anyone these days. Bass Player and singer Kenneth W. Garnier is one of the baddest funkiest bass players in the Twin Cities and by far has the best hair in the band. Sitting on the throne at the Drums is the amazingly talented accomplished Andre Robinson who is known for creating earth-shattering song endings and playing every instrument on the planet.

These guys are great friends with great personalities, and it comes out on in their performances. Never a dull moment, no show is ever the same, and a new surprise every time you see them.

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Andre Robinson
Corey Rae White
Guitar/ Vocals
Kalliah Jackson
Lead Vocals
Kenneth W. Garnier
Bass/ Vocals